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 Distance MBA

Master of Business Administration had known as MBA in short form. It is Post Graduate 2 year programme in Management stream. As we are living in a century where everyone from experienced to fresh graduate seems wants to earn MBA degree! Many times, people make this decision without really knowing how an MBA helps or how to go about getting one. Usually we start finding information available on internet and start filling that application without knowing value of it.

Earlier distance education was not as much value in comparison to regular education. Distance education was just a last option choice, for those who couldn’t get admissions due to lack of affordability and lack of full time education. There was the distance factor between the student and the university, which did not guarantee enhancement in communication or guidance if required by the student by any time or any place. Job guarantee was not there in distance education courses because of out-dated syllabus of most of distance education courses. In the end the degree was not that recognize by job industry.

But now days with effect of globalization and integration of technology in distance learning made it equivalent to regular education system. There is lot of opportunities everywhere as industry people wants to perform on international platform. For them distance learning is only medium where they can enhance themselves. The industry doesn't want only degree-holders but professionals with job-ready skills, exacting less cost for training or induction. An experienced campaigner with higher degree is far more efficient then a fresher with higher degree. The increasing awareness among the mass and the greater exposure to the outside world, education too has got a new significance. So continuing your education through distance learning can give you an extra edge in finding a good job.

Learn and Earn is the new motto for working professionals for better jobs prospective. Working experience with ongoing education can double career progress chances, in terms of promotions, better designation and remunerations. Students who are looking for better career can choose distance education programs as certifications from good universities who have approval from distance education Bureau (DEB) of India. Technology of online learning have made it at new level of learning where mass can catch it.